Why should I aggregate Madden NFL 18 Coins cards

Thx to EA for authoritative the bold ridiculous. I lose with my 91 ovr rated breach adjoin a 66 defense. This is ridiculous. Why should I aggregate Madden NFL 18 Coins cards?

Bring aback the fun! With the amend you accept distroyed it! Why should I absorb money in the bold if I can win or stop with a 66 ovr defense?

It is abominable from one bout to the next. One time your receivers bolt n hbs hit the holes. Next receivers bead or advance to adjacent advantage for ints and rbs run into scrums or bead the brawl afterwards getting chased down by Howie Long 70 yards from the band of scrimmage.

And we've all faced getting hit with 5 10% adventitious run counters outta 6 while the adversary bombs his way down the acreage to his 87 acceleration te application pa te crn or hm with 34% adverse probability, not countered already and dispatch accomplished our 97 acceleration coverage.

The bold play is abhorrent and I achievement the spenders out there get ailing of the "level gamelay" and stop elimination their wallets to get one characterless MUT 18 Coins for $100. Seems batty to me anyhow but if he's traveling to play as able-bodied as a 40k dude from the AH why bother.

———— Apr-12-2017 ————