​The Lions lose to the OT Packers heartthrob in the Madden 23 sim

In the Week 4 simulation of Madden 23 coins, the Detroit Lions lost 30–24 in overtime to NFC North rivals, the Green Bay Packers.

Wick's simulation uses updated squads to simulate encounters. After the loss, Detroit led a dummy game 2-2.

Although the game was tight, it went into overtime after just one game.

Jared Goff was intercepted by defenseman Ennis Goins, who ran harmlessly into the end zone and scored the winning goal.

The Detroit defense valiantly tried to keep Green Bay out of the end zone early on.

The Packers were stopped at the No. 2 Lions for three games in a row, but Matt LaFleur's fourth-goal decision paid off when Jordan Love hit and missed Don Taven Weeks.

Goff brought the offense back to the field to respond. But David Montgomery lined up on the fourth court and flipped the ball.

It looked like Green Bay would try to extend the lead, but Love lost the ball and disaster ensued. During the zone reading, the signalman lost the ball when he was hit by Alex Anzarone and Kobe Joseph.

Cornerback Emmanuel Moseley ran the ball for 79 yards to equalize.

However, the Packers will get their revenge. Darnell Savage made it 10-7 at halftime, but Jameer Gibbs fumbled the ball deep in the Green Bay red zone and Darnell Savage also made his tackle. This gave the Packers a 17-7 lead early in the fourth quarter.

The lions showed resilience. After the first field goal in the fourth quarter, Brian Branch fumbled the ball in the attack that followed, leaving Detroit with a short field to attack.

Goff and his team only needed one goal to level the score. He teamed with Sam LaPorta for a 20-yard touchdown to tie at 17 yards.

The teams exchanged punts, but with MUT 23 ltds cards just over 1:00 left in the game, Green Bay took the lead after a short touchdown from Aaron Jones.

Once again, the Lions did not stand aside. After two brief completions, Green Bay linebacker Devonte Campbell intercepted a pass in the end zone, allowing the Lions to equalize.

Goff and Laporta scored again to equalize and send the game into overtime. But after just one game in overtime, Goins caught the pass and drove it into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown. If you also want to create your own all-star team, you can buy Madden NFL 23 Coins from MMOExp.com to improve the quality of your team.

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