The buy out could be an issue

Reading that Article, I bethink all the humans he affected out of Town. Nolan, Cutler, Marshall, Schetler, Hillis and accepting a abstract that included 3 2nd annular picks that amounted to MUT 18 Coins Alphonso Smith.

Im not adage that would appear with JBC, and at this point they should be accommodating to yield about annihilation over Caldwell, but while JBC is accomplishing a abundant job as OC, I anticipate you accept to attending at added than that.

Thats area alot of teams IMO abatement victim in the drillmaster hiring process....

They just appoint the hot coordinator as against to traveling through the all-encompassing account process, thoroughly evaluating the candidates and again hiring the drillmaster who best fits the administration you wish your aggregation to go in.

If JBC turns out to be that guy...fine, but Ive never been a fan of artlessly announcement a guy afterwards the antecedent guy is fired, and not traveling through the absolute account action to see if their ability be anyone better.

You fabricated a lot of abundant points. I agree, they should accord JBC and Austin interviews, as able-bodied as agenda 3-5 interviews with candidates alfresco the alignment to not accident missing out on a abundant coach.

Tom Herman should be up there in NFL circles. I advocated him for the niners endure year afore we assassin Chip Kelly. I don't accept why he would accept to go addition "step up" in the academy game.

He has been actual absorbing the endure two years as a drillmaster and the year afore as the OSU OC. If I'm an NFL team, I'm at atomic blame the tires on him. The buy out could be an issue, but those accept been worked out before.

———— Jun-28-2017 ————