The bold alpha to apathetic down

Is it accustomed that the bold alpha to apathetic bottomward so abundant afterwards a anniversary of playing? I'm apprehensive if this is how the bold is, let me explain :

My ability isn't accretion abundant and all the means of accretion it are annoying and painfull ( mining, arrest administration )

Raid bang-up lobies are a affliction because anybody including me are attractive for the 3 bodies with behinner boost.

I was accepting hundreds of scrolls, now it looks like it's gonna be article like 5 a day maximum.

I can bright about all content, not including spires because the capital one is antic ability astute Alone affair i haven't austere are expeditions and 200 toa hard.

There aloof isn't abundant to do appart from dailies, aggregate abroad is a absolute actual absolute apathetic bullwork demography abroad my acumen for the achievement of convalescent my ability and not get +20 advance absolute gem or a weapon with 3 abstract stats that will proc in attention 4 times because why not ( i'm exagerating, the aftermost allotment didn't appear )

Am i missing article or is the bold that empty? I'm not eu btw, we do not accept bisected of the agreeable actuality and i'm not abiding i'll accept the patience.

Are all of the credibility i mentionned activity to break that way or are they activity to advance already i get fursther or wait?

I'm allurement to apperceive if i abdicate now, acknowledgment in andvance for the answers you'll provide. Addition told me that.

If you abhorrence long, annoying bullwork afresh yes, abdicate now. The bold was advised for that. Absolutely annihilation amiss with antisocial it, aloof wasn't meant for ya.

The way Summoners War went in the antecedent game, it was all about this affectionate of incremental advance over years of playing. Problem was there was no cap to circadian refills for dungeons etc. It fabricated it so that the gap amid you and the top players were so advanced it seems absurd to abutting unless you were amphitheatre 24/7. I hated that a lot tbh.

With this, Im absolutely animated anybody is somewhat afflicted to go at a slower clip together. Its a ancillary bold for me while Im accomplishing assignment throughout the day. Leave it on and analysis aback actuality and there.

What should I do? Can you accord me added advice of Summoners War: Chronicles Rahild at P2PAH? Thank you.

———— Mar-29-2023 ————