Suggestions for PvP improvements in Eden Eternal

Territory Wars/Guild vs. Guild/Guild Arena:

- Address the issue of players focusing on capping crystals rather than engaging in combat by making crystals tougher to capture, discouraging capper classes from solo or duo capping crystals.

- Address the debuff/-res/cc meta by evaluating and adjusting the effectiveness of certain crowd control abilities and ensuring they cannot be excessively chained or overlapped.

- Consider the removal of Normal Class TW due to its lack of activity on the Awaken server, as it has become redundant and uninteresting for players.

Elysian Island:

- Implement suggestions such as disabling pets and friendly fire, introducing new rewards that are motivating and obtainable, and considering additional unique rewards to enhance the experience.


- Remove combat pets from all arenas.

- Allow party queuing to facilitate guild matches or coordinated teams.

- Improve rewards to make them more appealing, considering the current availability of Honor Stars and the diminished need for arena sets.

- Explore the possibility of adding more bosses and updating rewards in MBA.

- Adjust the participant count for 10v10 to better suit the server's population and consider modifying rewards accordingly.

Temple Arena:

- Support the removal of potions in Temple Arena.

- Consider the creation of a new Temple Arena specifically designed for Lv115+ players, allowing for upgrades of older trophies and providing new content on a timed schedule.

Overall Changes:

- Introduce a new currency system that offers alternative rewards, such as purchasing pet bibles/battle theories or other AP-only items.

- Evaluate the rewards provided by the altar and consider adding new and more desirable options to maintain player engagement.

These suggestions aim to improve the PvP experience in Eden Eternal by addressing specific issues and introducing changes that align with the server's current state and player preferences. More Eden Eternal discussions at, also you can buy cheap Eden Eternal gold from us 100% safe, contact us now.

———— May-24-2023 ————