​Sliders that truly paintings

My maximum practical wishlist includes one factor proper now:

Sliders that truly paintings.

I'm withinside the beta proper now and I placed the sliders to the extremes of one or ninety nine and there are slightly any variations among them. Which is insane. I must damage the sport with byskip blockading on ninety nine, being capable of stand withinside the pocket for forty seconds. But nope, it is a minor distinction, I get perhaps an additional 2nd or 2 earlier than it collapses.

I placed WR Catching at ninety nine and that they nonetheless dropped passes at the same time as getting hit. Didn't see any WR making insane catches like I've visible in preceding Madden's once I bumped the slider up.

Special Teams sliders do not in reality even paintings in any respect besides kick and kickoff electricity. Accuracy absolutely breaks below 35, however at 35 it regarded fantastic till I used  specific kickers and found out scores for kickers do not in reality appear to remember.

Kicker A has 95KP 81KAC

Kicker B has 89KP 68KAC

Kicker B kicked plenty similarly and greater correct than Kicker A. Granted, Kicker A is indexed as a Punter, however I do not accept as true with that has ever made a distinction in madden thinking about there is now no longer "punt electricity" and "punt accuracy" scores.

I'll supply the advantage of the doubt and say that sliders are not completely energetic or constant on the grounds that it is the beta, however the factor nonetheless stands. In preceding Madden's the sliders have been nonetheless very volatile and unpredictable. For the closing 2 variations on the grounds that byskip rush turned into nerfed to oblivion, I've had byskip blockading everywhere among 0-five and that slightly ever made a distinction. Same with Pass Coverage and Reactions.

If we get sliders that truly confirmed clear, precise, and PROPER variations with every person digit trade then that on my own might notably enhance CFMs in each league, particularly the sim league.

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