​Set Change for Class Diversity in Ladder 3

Today, I'd like to propose that Blizzard make a big modification to this set of rules

Naj's Ancient Vestige

Partial Set Bonus

+75 defense (2 Items)

1-148% Higher Chance of acquiring the Magical Items (+1.5 Per Level of Character) (2 items)

Complete Set Bonus

+75 Defense

+15 to Dexterity

All Resistances +50

+20 To Strength

+100 To Mana

+2 to All Skills

Replenish +20

+2 To Fire Skills

Increased Maximum Life of 12 percent

I propose I suggest that an extra set of bonus bonus for the complete 3 piece set be included

The Full Set Bonus Level 1 Teleport Grants

Yes staff from Naj offers teleport fees. However, that's not enough for the majority of players, and they choose to go Sorceress. This has led Sorc equipment to be among one of the highest priced gear.

I am convinced that If the Naj Ancient Vestige set offered an ongoing Teleport that it could allow a greater number of players to join a different class upon time of ladder reset. or being willing to switch faster if they could Teleport.

I can argue that, while not the best statistics but the Naj 2 and 3 piece bonuses quite acceptable. I can see the Fire Druid benefiting from the 3 piece Naj in the beginning.

This could also allow for new strategies for early gearing to those who want to utilize the upgraded set. It would be fascinating to find out how many players are in agreement on this change.

I truly believe this is among the most beneficial changes they can create to allow the possibility of class diversity earlier on in a new ladder.

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———— Nov-03-2022 ————