​RuneScape takes place in a fantasy world called Gielinor

Broadcasters have become so popular in recent years that hundreds of young people spend time watching their content.

The anchor recently gained notoriety after he disappeared during a live broadcast. What Causes? The boy is happy after the victory.

It is based on RuneScape Gold, a game developed by Jagex in 2001, but still popular today. It is now played by 200 million people worldwide.

RuneScape takes place in a fantasy world called Gielinor, which is divided into kingdoms, regions, and cities. Players can move around Gielinor using teleportation spells and other mechanisms. Each region offers different monsters, resources, and adventures that challenge players. Unlike most MMORPGs, it doesn't have a linear story.

A UK broadcaster was streaming Buy RS Gold on Twitch and a guy died after winning the game. However, the broadcaster is neither sorry nor ashamed of what happened, because instead of deleting the content from the social network, he decided to share it on Twitter as well.

GingerBeardie earned the "Shell of Hell" after almost 20 live attempts in 69 hellish torture sessions. After receiving the cover, the anchor started screaming at the screen but was so upset that he eventually died.

The video shows the beam landing on the table, only to appear visibly tired but also surprised by the impact seconds later. The Windows button is permanently etched into my forehead,” he said on the social network.

Fortunately, the publisher is good, he is joking, and even thousands of users continue to share instant videos on social networks. The user shared the video on YouTube and it has been viewed 1,000 times in less than two days.

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