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Hey all and sundry. It's quite hard getting solutions in recreation from elitist gamers, so I figured reddit is probably of greater assist. I am on NA West - Enviska. I actually have a 1405 Reaper, 1415 Sharpshooter, and my deathblade/berserker/gunblade are all approximately 960 with a six hundred arcanist.

I am seeking to important my Hunger (Thirst) Reaper because it simply appears to be greater a laugh than my sharpshooter (rattling the network and their mind of horrific reapers).

QUESTION: I am seeking to be as near the pinnacle gamers upon Rowen launch. I am aiming for 1445 and desire to be there via way of means of the following day. I actually have a ton of mats, however now no longer sufficient shards. So I'm hoping I can get the Fatespire shards the following day to surely assist my growth of Lost ark gold at p2pah.com. What content material do you advise I do? Try Clown? Try Brelshaza? Keep doing Argos? Just grind equipment and honing to put together for Rowen launch?

Side quests for Giant Hearts?

GEAR/STATS/ENGRAVINGS: [HUNGER] Reaper - I actually have my Oreha's Well Weapon, shoulders, gloves, and helmet. I actually have Argos Chest/Legs. Going spec/quick (ein particular quick).

- Spec [622]

- Swift [1155]

Lvl. 3 Raid Captain

Lvl. 3 Grudge

Lvl. 3 Adrenaline

Lvl. 1 Hunger

Lvl. 1 Ambush Master

Lvl. 1 Atk. Speed Reduction

I understand they are now no longer BiS, however it is the high-satisfactory I ought to get at the instant. It's hard locating desirable raiding events or guilds that need to teach, so withinside the period in-between I simply created a guild and placed all my alts in it (nearly degree 2!)

In your opinion, what could placed me alongside the strains of "being equipped" for Rowen Launch? Should I gain it via way of means of preserving at the grind, or now no longer fear approximately the grind due to the fact it is too some distance out of attain and simply play slowly and experience it?

If your important intention is precisely vertical content material, then you definitely prioritize ilvl. You ought to be at the least 1415 ilvl and feature finished the South Vern storyline to get entry to legion raids. It must be withinside the "incorporated dungeons" phase beneathneath your mini-map (in which the 3 dots is) or withinside the celebration-finder (press ";").

Legion raids begin at 1415 ilvl, that's NM Valtan. Next could be 1430 (NM Vykas), 1445 (HM Valtan), 1460 (HM Vykas), 1475 (Clown; 1385 for rehearsal), 1490 (Brel 1-2; 1430 for Deja Vu), 1500 (Brel 3-4), and 1520 (Brel 5-6).

You must attempt to push for 1445 and get your relic equipment, because it tender resets your ranges on every equipment, however maintains ilvl the identical. In phrases of raids, I'd advise getting bussed withinside the early tiers and seeking to apprehend the combat and getting your substances to craft relic of buying lost ark gold, then in the end locating a beginners organization to use what you have discovered. After relic is entire and you have got hit 1475, you may begin operating in your lvl 2 set on your equipment (Clown). Lastly, you improve your Valtan/Vykas equipment to Brel equipment after you get there.

As you growth ilvl, you slowly need to paintings on different matters that give a boost to your person, inclusive of engravings (4x3 early on, then 5x3 stop-recreation), add-ons (depending on your elegance), gems (ideally all lvl 7 gems past due recreation), tripods (lvl 4-5), talent points (through leveling up if now no longer 60 or horizontal content material), and runes (horizontal content material, GRs).

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