​Path Of Exile: SST build question

SST build question... So I accidentally made a nice exploding totem bow and dropped some ashes, so I decided to do this as a potential tournament build. my last, was able to do all uber except exarch with minimal problems the first time, some of them are even immortal except maven and eater mainly due to some mods i used on eater and i totally enjoy the last stage of uber maven memory and i sometimes put degen balls in horrible places.

That being said, I've never played SST and I have about 120 raw divs saved with a chance of 150-180 if I sell another random currency, would that be enough to make an SST build Is it pretty? If so, which way should I go and will I be able to use an Ash or Bloodnotch/Immutable combo since I'm using it on an exploding totem tank? I also have a steel champ who has the ability to block and use tenacity, so maybe some of that gear could overlap as well? I'd like to try saving money to buy a mage bloodline, POE Currency, POE2 Currency but if there's an SST version that can handle all the stuff without mage blood, that's fine too.

Ashes are almost mandatory for SST with big spooky SST rewards and lots of other alternative qualities. There are many ways to build it, champion with persistence will overlap with your other character and sounds like the way to go. However, Trickster and Raider have their own advantages. But that's doable on the 120d with ash being the champ. Emperor's wary with 40 flat ES knots, ~800 ES is 25-30d. A perfect 1005 ES shield with a fourth mod as good as 100% collision avoidance like 200d. And a ~990 ES shield that has a shock avoidance of perhaps 150d. 800 ES has plenty of damage and enough survivability to do the construction work. But ES and extra armor make a big difference to things like uber.

The other 1d+ items to boot are big 4d cluster gems. You'll probably want to spend 5-10 days on rings and a similar amount on weapons. The topic hopes big at ~10d. Stormshroud is 2d. A good brutal restraint is 2-5d. Shoes are solid 2d, chests are 5-10d. Good scrolling on trust bottled like 3d. Alternative Quality Gems, Mystical Osh, Divergent Inspiration 2d, Anom Challenge Banner, Spooky Ancestor Guardian 2d, Unusual Blood and Sand 1d, Decisive Divergence 5d. You may also need Quality Accuracy as an alternative to mana.

Not required for build to work, heatsink with 90% implied power is 25d (or ~70d for enchantments and latent energy) and 10d for enlightenment 4. The observer's eye is 5d+. Head jewelry is prohibited at 25-30 VND. The Arena Challenge Gem is over 70 days old.

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