​OSRS Hunter Training Guide

If you're looking to get away from earning OSRS gold or slaying demons, an effective method to improve your game is to begin the process of becoming a Hunter. It is a viable endeavor, but you must get it to a higher level by using the correct methods so that it can be profitable for the long haul. In that regard, these are the best Hunter methods of training to try.

Birdhouse runs

It is among the most well-known and popular methods of training for Hunter. It requires 100 Varrock Museum Kudos, in addition to Dig Site and Bone Voyage. Dig Site as well as Bone Voyage for you to begin the process but it will be worth the effort. When you've completed the requirements, which could be fulfilled from levels 5 to 89. you are able to begin.

This is basically farming for Hunters and you will be able to make money around every 50 minutes. If you're playing Ironmen or Ironmen 2. you may often find bird nests in the homes. After you unlock these nests, you should be able to boost your Hunter level quickly. Once you've reached the level of 5. the birdhouse run will earn you 1120XP. This should increase the level of your bird to 12.

The reason this technique is so crucial to Hunter is that it allows you the opportunity to bypass the more slow methods of leveling up. It's a much more straightforward approach, and it all depends on the route you'd like to follow however it is highly suggested.

Ruby Butterflies/Copper Longtails

When you reach 15 levels, you are able to proceed to a faster version of hunting. It is essential to purchasing the butterfly net and five jars of butterflies along with two bird snares since we will be taking in Ruby Butterflies along with Copper Longtails. Stamina teas are excellent to use for tasks such as this and will help a lot in aiding you.

You might have observed the fact that Copper Longtails offer less XP as compared to Cerulean Twitches. However, ultimately they're much faster to catch, especially given the additional XP you'll earn from getting butterflies. Whatever way you choose, you'll be able complete this task within a half hour.

Green Swamp Lizards

The earlier method can get you to level 29. After that, Green Swamp Lizards will take you to 43. This can be done in the Morytania swamp and you'll be able to boost the rate of your Hunter XP quickly. With just five ropes and small fishing nets to set traps on trees, you will be able to catch the elusive creatures. Stamina potions can prove useful in this situation. It is possible to reach level 43 by getting 253 Green Swamp Lizards, which can be accomplished in less than an hour.

Spotted Kebbit and Dark Kebbits

This can take you to a level which is 59. It also serves as an effective method of catching fish. It can be carried out in the south of the Piscatoris Fishing Co-Op, in which you are able to hunt for Spotted Kibbits. It will take 500 coins to be given to Matthias to be able to hunt there.

It is necessary to catch 1.471 Spotted Kibbits in order to move from level 43 to 57. When you've made it to your goal you will be able to earn more points by taking Dark Kebbits, which will increase your level to 59 when you've got 339 of them which will take less than an hour to finish.

Red Salamanders

Catching Red Salamanders works in the same manner as Green Swamp Lizards. You can spot them close to Castle Wars located to from the South Ardougne. You can reach the level of 67 Red Salamanders by taking one hundred and 104. If you use using this technique, you should be able to finish it in about five hours. It is possible to speed it up by using Birdhouse Runs as we discussed earlier, but be sure to wear weight-reducing armor to make things faster.

Red Chinchompas

There are many other options forget past level 63 to max, but perhaps the most convenient method is via Red Chinchompas. They may earn less in XP than Black Chinchompas, but what they can give you is a constant income, and the XP you desire.

You can take this technique starting at level 63. however, the rates of experience depending on your current in the game. It is possible to train it until you reach level 99 Hunter which will earn you 68.826.240 GP. It could take quite a time to complete it.

If you're looking to develop your skills and earn plenty of OSRS gold while doing it then Hunter training is among the best options. Birdhouse runs are likely to be the most important method of training Hunter. In any case, there are plenty of options to choose from which will get you level up fast.

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