Odin Valhalla Rising was the accomplished grossing MMORPG

Let me ask you guys this: back was the aftermost time you saw an MMO so able-bodied done.. that it absolutely burst annal fabricated throughout that year? Because... Well, in this instance, new annal were absolutely made. By an MMO abounding of us had absolutely accounting off.

So, on June 29th, Kakao arise their latest open-world MMORPG “Odin: Valhalla Rising.” Through the trailers they’d arise up until that point, I’m not gonna lie, the bold looked appealing abuse good. Complete agnate to Black Desert Online. I had covered the bold on break up until that point, as I do all accessible MMOs.

But what bent my eye was that at the time, aloof above-mentioned to the bold launching, added than 4 actor players were already pre-registered. 4 million. That is an astronomic cardinal of absorbed players, accustomed that the bold was launching, at atomic at the time, aural the South Korean arena only.

Now don’t get me amiss – it was absolutely accessible to get about the pre-registration restrictions, and it’s alike easier to get into the bold now that some of those limitations are no best in place, but the all-inclusive majority of these players were predominantly Korean.

Shortly afterwards ablution to millions of players, Lionheart Studio, the developer of the bold arise that they were in the activity of rolling out added servers in an accomplishment to lower the ample clusters of players all aggravating to affix and comedy concurrently.

A ages afterwards launching, ODIN: Valhalla Rising was the accomplished grossing MMORPG in the world. Yup, ODIN launched on June 29th, 2021. By July 2nd, 2021 – a bald 3 canicule later, the bold had accumulated added in sales than any added MMO at the time – and interestingly enough, any bold arise on either PC or Mobile.

A bald 2 weeks later, Kakao went on to affirm that the bold had fabricated over “100 billion Won,” which equates to about $85 actor US dollars. In just.. 19 days, ODIN: Valhalla Rising had fabricated about $100 actor dollars in revenue.

This is commodity that bent a lot of bodies off bouncer – commodity that absolutely cipher had expected.

Kakao, while they were the administrator for Black Desert over in the West for a while, accept had no complete success with any added MMOs up until this point, and players never advancing they would with this bold either.

Because at the end of the day, sure, the bold looked acceptable on paper, but this was a cross-platform MMO amid PC and Adaptable devices, employing and utilizing acceptable adaptable systems like auto-pathing and auto-combat.

Now aloof because it had auto-features, doesn’t automatically accomplish it inherently bad, nor did that beggarly that the bold would accomplish use of those mechanics at endgame. So don’t booty that as me claiming the complete bold is auto-themed.

It’s so surreal to me that an MMO like ODIN: Valhalla Rising became as accepted as it did. Genshin Impact fabricated sense. It looked gorgeous, had some affection combat, a lot of complete adorable husbandos and waifus to collect. It preyed on players with addictive personalities and drained them of aggregate they had. But ODIN provides none of that. Sure, the bold is a large, open-world MMO, but so is.. about every added Adaptable MMO. I assumption it’s partly due to the absorption amount that adaptable gamers have? There’s a acumen auto-mechanics are so accustomed in adaptable titles afterwards all.

Nevertheless, ODIN: Valhalla Rising has absolutely burst annal for a Adaptable MMORPG – and alike added impressively, for a PC MMORPG. This game, back ablution 3 months ago has fabricated hundreds of millions of dollars, has had tens of millions of alive players beyond both platforms, and has went on to absolutely boss the Korean MMO market. Sure, it ability be a means off aggressive with the added titans of the cast aural Korea like Lineage 2 Revolution, but allusive Genshin Impact, which additionally went on to accumulate about $100 actor dollars aural its aboriginal ages as well? That’s impressive.

Honestly, I’m afraid that months later, we haven’t had any acceptance of a Western release. You’d think, accustomed the success ODIN has had, Kakao would appetite to get this MMO out for the accomplished apple to play. I mean, alfresco of its absolution aural Korea…. do we alike accept a accepted absolution anywhere abroad in the world? About China, Japan and added Asian regions chase a absolution aural Korea, with Europe and North America about accepting amateur a year or two later.But we haven’t heard annihilation at present.

Now whether you’re aflame to try this bold out or not, you cannot abjure its cutting success. This bold has taken the cross-platform MMO bazaar in South Korea by storm, and there has to be a acumen for that.

I’m not about a fan of auto-play MMOs. I’m not. I acquisition them defective in purpose, as I comedy MMOs to acquaintance a apple with bags of added players. Not with bags of added AI-controlled players.

Yet alike so, I’m absorbed by the bold abundant breadth I would absolutely absorb some time in it. I spent affluence of time in V4, I’ve spent weeks in Punishing Gray Raven. State of Survival.

And yes I may accept spent money in anniversary and every one of them, but that’s not commodity you can authority adjoin me. I feel like back you comedy a adaptable bold you are absolutely REQUIRED to absorb commodity on it, be it for an outfit, VIP membership, or simple affection of activity improvement.

While Odin: Valhalla Rising ability not be the success over actuality in the West that it is in Korea, I’m absolutely analytical to see how players accept the title.

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Partly because this will be the aboriginal accurate cross-platform MMORPG we’ll get – as Tower of Fantasy will acceptable absolution over in the West afterwards ODIN does, and partly because this could ultimately appearance the approaching of the MMORPG genre.

In a good, or bad way.

———— Mar-24-2023 ————