​NBA 2K23: Park Players in Rec

Park gamers, in case you are going to enroll in rec please permit move of the road ball mentality it does now no longer paintings in 5v5. You can nearly at once inform while you’re on rec with a park participant they've ZERO IQ. They dont recognise the way to area te nba 2k23 mt ground, rotate or reduce, or maybe swing the ball after they surely cant beat their defender in 2-4 actions.

SLASHERS, simply due to the fact you could force and dunk 90% of the time in park that doesn't practice to Rec bro u can not dunk at the complete crew each force guy, force and kick bro its now no longer that tough. Big guys prevent carry the ball up the ground you aren't KD.

Guards smh prevent dribbling 20 seconds off the clock and doing bail out passes to pressure your teammates right into a hard shot with out a time left simply so that it will bitch and stop rapidly after cuz you’re getting uncovered in a crew putting.

Please discover ways to play real crew basketball or live withinside the park.

If you inform the slashers they’re promoting it’s usually “i've x attributes I ought to’ve dunked that!” The defend could have 15 factors zero assists going five/22 and contact you trash due to the fact they've greater factors than you. I don’t even need to speak approximately the large going for layups with three human beings on him. It’s clean to look while your tm8s dont have iq.

It’s fairly traumatic as a person who has absolutely performed basketball in actual lifestyles you could inform while human beings simply play “sports activities video games” however recognise in reality not anything approximately it.

They dont recognise basketball terminology bigs dnt recognise what it approach to submit up at the low block and those best make PG’s for the stamina and velocity dribbles for all of the tacky momentum boosts they haven't any intentions on playmaking.

I don’t even ask for loopy iq. Just primary stuff youd get gambling at your neighborhood Rec. But those men have in no way stepped on a courtroom docket of their lifestyles. Look on the comp gamers that everybody meat rides on this network, and buy mt nba 2k23 from online shop - MMOexp.com. These dudes don’t hoop. They’re simply appropriate at cheesing the sport. And 90% of network are similar to them. This is why i run with my irls. Even if they’re now no longer appropriate at the sport, identityentification instead run with them over lil Timmy together along with his 6’nine “demigod” who in no way is aware of while to bypass or the way to area the ground.

———— Jan-18-2023 ————