NBA 2K23 Gets New Update Before Season 6, Fix Notes Uncovered

Visual Ideas has today delivered another update for NBA 2K23 across all stages before Season 6 starts toward the finish of this current week. Right now, the NBA ordinary season is beginning to slow down, and that implies that the end of the season games will be here in only weeks. In spite of the finish of the NBA season coming up, however, Visual Ideas isn't hoping to dial back at all with regards to proceeded with help for NBA 2K23.

With Season 6 of NBA 2K23 start toward the finish of this current week on April seventh, the present new update achieves various changes in the engine that won't produce results until that date. Concerning the changes that can be found at the present time, Visual Ideas has modified a small bunch of things comparable to interactivity, MyTeam, and MyCareer game modes. All things considered, this update for NBA 2K23 is certainly not a tremendous one, however it ought to have a bigger impact soon enough.

The full fix notes for the present new NBA 2K23 update can be found underneath.


• Arrangements for NBA 2K23 Season 6, sending off on Friday, April seventh, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST. Remain tuned for what we have available!

• The "RM" stripe to respect previous proprietor Red McCombs has been added to the San Antonio Spikes outfits

• The "19" stripe to respect Willis Reed has been added to the New York Knicks regalia

• The number tone on the Los Angeles Lakers substitute garbs has been revised

• Settled an issue with the Sacramento Rulers swarm making a few fans have the mistaken group logo on the rear of their shirts

• The accompanying players have had general similarity updates or changes made:

Valuable Achiuwa (dynamic hair update)

Bol (dynamic hair update)

Anthony Davis (dynamic hair update)

Aaron Gordon (dynamic hair update)

The accompanying noteworthy players have gotten new or refreshed shapes:

Craig Ehlo (dynamic hair update)


• Fixed an issue that was permitting players to twofold spill after a siphon counterfeit without an infringement called during 1v1 games


• Proceeded with upgrades to execution and strength have been made to improve the general involvement with the City

• Resolved an issue that could cause losing groups to stall out in the Occasion Community when an occasion closes

• Fixed a timing issue with the "It's a Cole World" journey that could keep it from being finished in uncommon conditions

• The necessities to mess around on the Visionary Park court have been explained to guarantee all players know how to get to them

• The Analysis Language choice can now be changed from inside MyCAREER mode

• Favorited clothing things will never again show up toward the finish of the stock rundown


• Proceeded with solidness fixes and enhancements have been made for MyTEAM, MyNBA, MyNBA On the web, and The W.

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