Manufacturing Locations in Skull and Bones: A Guide to PvE Acquisition

Hey guys, welcome back to Skull and Bones! Today, I want to dive into a crucial aspect of the game: unlocking manufacturing locations without engaging in PvP combat. Thanks to the insightful comments from our community, I've gathered some invaluable tips that make this process a lot smoother. So, let's get right into it.

One common misconception I want to dispel right off the bat is the notion that you can only access manufacturing locations from the table at your hideout. Not true! You can do this from anywhere on the map. While sailing the vast oceans, simply open up your map and look for the helm icon located at the top. Clicking on this will reveal a list of all your different factories and their production statuses. No need to return to your hideout's table; manage your empire on the go!

However, before you get too carried away with expanding your manufacturing reach, there's an important factor to consider: funding. Each factory requires 500 silver per hour to operate. As you accumulate more factories, this cost can quickly add up, necessitating a steady income stream. So, while you're unlocking these locations, keep an eye on your finances and be prepared to farm Skull and Bones silver accordingly.

Now, onto the main topic of today's discussion: how to unlock these manufacturing locations. As you can see, I've amassed quite a few compared to my earlier article. The key lies in participating in what's known as a "Hostile Takeover" event. These events occur regularly and present opportunities for players to seize control of specific locations on the map. While some of these events involve PvP combat, there's another option that caters to those who prefer a PvE experience.

Enter the "Legendary Heist" event. Unlike its PvP counterpart, this event allows you to collaborate with up to two other players, forming a three-player team to secure a location. Keep an eye out for the blue icon indicating the start of this event, which occurs every half-hour alongside the red Hostile Takeover events. Once spotted, act quickly, as slots are limited, and once filled, the event disappears.

Upon joining the Legendary Heist event, your objective is clear: locate and destroy a specific ship harboring valuable loot. This ship is distinguished by a yellow highlighted border. Focus your firepower on this target while ignoring the surrounding vessels. Coordinate with your team to bring down the marked ship swiftly.

Once the targeted ship is defeated, claim the loot it carries and set sail for the nearest den. Time is of the essence here, as you're on a countdown to deliver the loot before it expires. Each player in the event will receive their share of the loot, ensuring everyone's efforts are rewarded.

Upon successful delivery of the loot to the den, you'll receive confirmation of your accomplishment, along with ownership of the corresponding manufacturing location. Check your map to see the new addition to your empire, ready to buy Skull and Bones Silver and put it to work.

Let's recap the steps involved:

  1.    Keep an eye out for the Legendary Heist event, indicated by a blue icon.
  2.    Join the event promptly, as slots are limited.
  3.    Coordinate with your team to locate and destroy the targeted ship.
  4.    Claim the loot and sail to the nearest den before the timer expires.
  5.    Deliver the loot to secure ownership of the manufacturing location.

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to unlocking manufacturing locations in Skull and Bones without engaging in PvP combat. By participating in PvE events like the Legendary Heist, players can expand their empires and reap the rewards of their strategic prowess.

I hope this guide proves helpful on your journey to maritime supremacy. Thank you for watching, and happy sailing!

———— Feb-23-2024 ————