​Madden NFL 23: How to Throw a Lob Pass

A side pass is an overhead throw made by a receiver behind an opponent. It's much slower than a ball and gives the receiver enough space to pass blockers and carry the ball a few yards. But with Madden 23 Season 3 and new skill-based gameplay, how should players shoot? This step-by-step guide provides the answers.

Throwing balls in Madden 23 is easy. In the pocket of the pass, without aiming, press the button furthest from the receiver. Each receiver has a dedicated button on its head. Press the button once to pass the ball to that particular player.

The pass is useful when the receiver is behind the opposing line. However, if the ball falls more than a few yards from the receiver, the chances of it being intercepted increase.

It's not just the best quarterbacks that make the best centers. With the help of the following pro tips, any Madden 24 coins player will be able to master the passage of the game.

  • Don't step back until you have passed the ball. Maintain position in the pass bag and calmly throw the ball. The back pass reduces accuracy.
  • Blockage before crossing the front. Assist the quarterback with at least one blocker. Otherwise, he will not have time to change position, find the receiver, and throw the ball.
  • Don't hold the jump button down. Pressing and releasing the trap button results in a touch pass instead of a petal pass. So for a long, high arc throw, quickly press the button.

Perfect setup for Lob Pass

With the latest Madden 23 update, players can now tweak their shooting settings to suit passes. For more control over your throw:

  • Change Passage Type to Placement.
  • Set the maximum distance of the freeform reticle to "farthest".
  • Make sure the reticle and sensors are visible.

Difference between Lob Pass, Lob Pass, and Free Pass

In Madden NFL 23, passing is slower than passing. This is usually a deep pass that gives the receiver more time to turn around and catch the ball. But Freeform Pass is different. This is a high arc or short pass that enters an open area a few feet from the receiver.

Regarding the difference in control, players pass by pressing the receiver's buttons. He does the same with the aim, of turning it into a high pass. However, for a freeform pass, they must press the left trigger (LT or L2), throw, and direct the ball with the left stick.

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