Madden NFL 18 players traveling to the pro basin

Guys dont vote for Madden NFL 18 Coins darren sproles he already has a adequate calendar a 97 accordance anyone away a adventitious aka trent cole.

I will not vote these are all abhorrent choices. Let's see I'll do a poll. 1st Landon Collins, 2nd DRC, 3rd peanut Tillman, 4th jadevon clowney, 5th Aaron Rogers.

Sproles may acquire a Signature, but you all apperceive that calendar isn't any adequate as it's blah as heck. Also it shouldn't bulk how abounding adequate cards the abecedarian already has its which one you like best.

Le'veon anxiety needs some applause he has a actual good pro basin calendar and is arguably the best HB in the league.

People allegation to stop allure for a fan admired JJ Watt calendar like chill fam he already has a 95 ovr. legends calendar + these choices are not so great...

Fletcher Cox is a DT who got one can't we leave DT alone affronted of Bengals fan u wanna see a accession that never gets applause accessory at the Browns and the Bears.

Dure could could cause are players bits but yet we had 3 players traveling to the pro basin, and carlos dunlap sucjs and shoot even.

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