Just the weekend for 2x coins

Have you done the approved appearance challenges yet? If not you should. Even if you're not befitting either of the players you get a 25k bread accolade and 2 players you can advertise accumulated for 140-180k on a acceptable day depending on your system.

Grind Solos till you get a aggregation you like, attending for bargain elites / top ovr gold, do arch to head.

Make abiding you yield advantage of specials like 50% off affairs (I accept over 500) or 2x Bill on H2H.usually just the weekend I think, i pperceive it's just the weekend for 2x coins.

With SV and playoffs I acquire alot added through H2H than through solos.

I accept been arena for a while and I am ashore at 85 all-embracing and I wish to buy some players and complete some sets.

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———— Feb-17-2017 ————