In the regular season he played in NFL games

He fumbled half his punt returns in the regular season though and barely averaged 3 yards a NFL 18 Coins carry.

He was a decent kick returner as that particular role has a lot of crossover with being an NFL fullback.

Where he struggled was with his technique as a Running Back, he ran way too upright and was so awful in pass protection that the coaches had no choice but to put him on the inactive list around midway through the season.

Though it's understandable because the learning curve in the NFL is steep, to say the least. If anyone could have had success it would be an athlete like Hayne.

But I believe he fumbled his first punt return in the regular season and it was all downhill from Cheap MUT 18 Coins.

He never had much of an opportunity. In the regular season he played in NFL games.

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