​I ultimately disabled shot meter

This is my first NBA 2K recreation and I saved studying that in case you desired to enhance your taking pictures which you need to disable the shot meter.

It appeared so counter-intuitive, if I desired to enhance why could I disable the device it's imagined to be supporting me? Well, I figured it would not harm to provide it a strive so I ultimately did and permit me inform you.

It become a night time and day distinction for the higher. I could not agree with simply how lots less complicated it become to inexperienced pictures. For all and MMOexp 2K23 MT... sundry hesitating to disable shot meter simply believe me and pay attention to all and sundry else. Turn it off and do not appearance again.

I’ve had the precise revel in today. Started the sport with the shot meter. I’m now no longer the pleasant, however observed I become hitting 7/10 at the less complicated problems.

Once the problems evidently progressed (in myTeam) I become hitting approximately 3/10. So began out to fear approximately give up recreation grinding.

Decided to strive the shot meter off, persisted to hit quite lots each three I attempted for the subsequent few video games.

In the beyond I’ve now no longer executed too properly with the shot meter off as I want to strive specific gamers. And normally a few lesser professional gamers.

But I’ve observed freeing at the height of my shot has been greater constant with vegetables this yr. I additionally suppose the bonus is greater distinguished given the shot meter vegetables are tougher to nail.

+1 for the ones like me that didn’t recollect the shot meter off as an choice. (For context I’m ninety 9% an offline participant)

———— Sep-30-2022 ————