I just wanna play MUT with my chiefs and body them up

Wow. EA kinda blew this one. First sim stats, no injuries on agenda and ir not accustomed over to Madden, robo qb, too any sacks, now they can't even appropriately abolish Ray Rice from the game. Total bummer.

You accept to acceptation the official agenda and not amount the cfm roster. EA has amend the Madden Mobile Coins agenda. I saw the amend agenda and I didnt see him on the ravens or the FA roster. But I hadnt started a cfm yet. But if you acceptation the roster, he shouldnt be in there.

That's what I'm doing. I upload the official rosters that don't accept ray rice in them. And again I go to CFM and hit acceptation custom agenda or whatever it says and it gives me the new agenda and aggregate but ray rice shows up in chargeless agency.

Starting attributes charge to be bargain ALOT overall, with a added astute gain. Getting a amateur to 99 all-embracing should be next to IMPOSSIBLE over a accomplished career instead of 2 to 3 seasons.

ust approved online and he was gone. So it alone happens on ofline. Can I use an online mmonfl and use it basically like a ofline one? I just wanna play MUT with my chiefs and body them up.

———— Apr-10-2017 ————