​How is leveling modified in WOTLK for every magnificence

I actually have in no way performed overdue recreation in classic or TBC. Never were given a max lvl char.

I intend to do it in a sparkling WOTLK server as soon as they may be opened.

When TBC released, there have been many YouTube motion pictures explaining every magnificence and the way they modified from classic to tbc, which include how right or awful they may be for leveling.

But this time this statistics isn't clean to discover and I am seeking to determine what to roll in WOTLK, my primary goal is to acquire max degree.

In the alternative hand, I may want to maintain with my maximum char: I actually have a lvl fifty two retribution paladin however leveling and mob killing has recently grew to become to be very sluggish...

Is paladin progressed concerning leveling in WOTLK?

Has any particular magnificence substantially progressed on this aspect?

I understand my query isn't thoroughly defined, however any standard recommendation approximately leveling is welcome.

As anybody mentioned, all lessons get less complicated bc there are MANY QoL enhancements throughout the board.

Druids can have interaction with quite a whole lot the whole thing at the same time as shapeshifted + their assets are not misplaced after they transfer forms. They additionally get revive as opposed to simply brez.

All pets can preserve higher aggro, so lock and hunter leveling is even less complicated and DKs arent a long way at the back of classic wotlk gold.

Mage hearthplace leveling is quicker and extra a laugh than frost leveling IMO.

Shamans get totem caddies and they are able to drop all four totems right away as opposed to losing four GCDs each time they need to drop all four totems.

All lessons have AoE at a few factor. Buffs are simplified a piece. Mana turns into much less of an problem however now no longer 100% trivial like later expansions.

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