How Diablo 4 Weapons and Cosmetics Could be Hinting at The Game Sixth Class

Even though Diablo 4 hasn't yet reached its peak of popularity, Blizzard seems to have learned a valuable lesson from the launch of Season of Villains, and hopefully, the next release will be more in line with players' expectations. Diablo 4 Season 2 needs to fix the ending first as players must choose which tasks to complete in order to level up and earn loot, but many other aspects of the game need more help. With expansion packs currently running, it's possible that a sixth class will be introduced in the coming months, and based on how weapons and cosmetics work in the game, players can already predict what will happen.

Diablo IV Gold introduces the final five classes in the series, all with distinctive weapon types that can be shared with other classes, though in some cases they are unique to their respective archetypes. This affects cosmetics in Diablo 4 differently, whether earned through the Season Battle Pass or purchased from the in-game shop, as each slot has a unique skin for its weapon type. Because some of these lines overlap and some don't, it's safe to say that Class VI exclusive weapons are still more likely to be shared by Class VI at launch.

The sixth class of Diablo 4 is predicted based on the type of weapon and its appearance

With this in mind, it should be noted that Diablo 4 has a total of 16 types of weapons. details as follows:

1. One-handed Axe (Barbarian & Druid)

2. Two-Handed Axe (Barbarian and Druid)

3. One-Handed Sword (Barbarian, Necromancer, and Rogue)

4. Long Sword (Barbarian and Necromancer)

5. Flower of One Hand (Barbarian and Druid)

6. Two-Handed Mop (Barbarian and Druid)

7. One-handed Scythe (Necromancer)

8. Two-Handed Scythe (Necromancer)

9. Dagger (Naughty)

10. Polar Weapons (Barbarians)

11. Spells (necromancers and sorcerers)

12. Wands (Druids, Necromancers, and Witches)

13. Bow (Rogue)

14. Arrow (Naughty)

15. Items (Druids, Necromancers, and Sorcerers)

16. Shield (necromancer)

For Diablo 4's sixth class, it makes sense to use at least one type of weapon exclusive to the other classes, as that means players can already get some of those special slots from the battle pass or the shop. Weapon skins. It also allows Blizzard to reuse some of its existing assets in a way that makes sense from a category standpoint. With only six types of weapons unique to their respective classes, the list has been narrowed down to a few potential suspects.

Since daggers are exclusive to criminals, and items exist across a wide range of classes, it makes sense that sorcerers would return in Diablo 3, and the use of ritual daggers and mojos might be similar to the totems used by druids. As for polar weapons, narrowing them down can be difficult as they are frequently used by Barbarians, Amazons, Druids, and Paladins in Diablo 2 and Crusaders, Monks, and Barbarians in Diablo 3. What makes the most sense here are Amazons, Monks, and Paladins from Diablo 4, with Crusader being a bit less likely because he is focused on Scourge.

Bows would once again provide a good reason for the return of the Amazons in buy Diablo 4 Gold, as they were one of the weapons of the Amazons along with the crossbow in Diablo 2. Similarly, demon hunters in Diablo 3 could use a crossbow as a one-handed weapon, creating a bow. one of the Amazon's weapons. They are also a viable option. Finally, shields can pave the way for the return of the Crusader or Paladin archetypes, as they are the only classes to wield the shield they lost. The classes that overlap the most, and therefore have the most significant advantages, are therefore Amazon and Paladin, the latter also sharing the same type of weapons as the other existing Diablo 4 classes, including swords and maces.

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