​How are humans locating small facilities in rec

How is all people locating small facilities that’s in reality constructed to play the five? Not a PF that’s extra offensively constructed and were given chucked into the five for the sport however I’m speaking a great shielding anchor 6’nine middle?

I’ve performed 6’nine facilities for the final three years and cherished each 2nd of it and without problems competed towards larger men.

So desired to listen how humans have long past this yr earlier than I make investments right into a construct because it’s so expensive.

I made a 6’nine PF that frequently runs middle in rec likely bc of its attributes and badges, and I discover it very entertaining. At 6’9 there’s a number of wiggle room, my construct can get 20 and 20 with 10 blocks one sport then drop 15 assists the subsequent bc of my respectable skip with 87 ball take care of.

I say cross for it, simply make certain you don’t cross overboard on weight bc you wanna have sufficient velocity towards the taller bigs. Aim for eighty velocity as a minimum with ninety three DREB and block then fill withinside the relaxation primarily based totally on the way you play.

I can 2nd this, they're outstanding blockers my 7’2 kicks the paint down.

But seems like a slug, and 80% of the time Rec becomes complete courtroom docket cherry selecting fest.

Want to cheese make a 6’10 with 99 rebound and 86 passing actually 20 asst a sport complete courtroom docket passss.

Though I’d by no means cross 6’nine except you’re a natural popper.

My 7’2 Has problems with small poppers large poppers are a shaggy dog story and clean to contest due to the fact they max out at like seventy eight 3 ball.

But if they're a slashing 6’nine I’m taking walks away with a 15+ block sport with HoF anchor.

Gold masher + HoF fearless finisher (ninety three near) and bronze slithery all set off on near pictures as properly it’s hilarious whilst an undersized large attempt’s to contest ninety three near shot or put up hooks from a 7’2 with 93+ near shot. I changed into greening hooks out close to the 3 line towards a 6’nine final night.

I simply desire I changed into faster, if I should remake him it’d be 6’eleven or 7ft. I think i can do it... and i need a lot of NBA 2K23 MT, build a dream team again, buy coins at MMOexp now.

———— Nov-25-2022 ————