He boosts my Madden Mobile team to 18 on both

Depends on your circumstances - do you need a mmonfl like him? Does his boost make sense on your Madden Mobile Coins team? Or would his value make a greater impact spread out across your team.

He boosts my Madden Mobile team to 18 on both. All in all I need to improve in many positions, but my WR are the worst in my entire team.

Dude take the coins. At that level you would be much better served improving multiple areas. A wr doesn't do you much good if you don't have a good qb to get him the ball or a good O-line to provide pass protection.

Im on AH2 and nobody sells him. I hope to get like 40M so I can get my team to 99 OVR. ited edition Moss goes for 35-40M, Combine CJ2K and Tribute Vick sell for Cheap Madden Mobile Coins. You think D. Thomas will sell for 35-45M?

———— Apr-19-2017 ————