​FIFA 23 releases highly anticipated 2022 update

Earlier this week, FIFA 23 Coins released the highly anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup update, and if you haven't already, you can update your game to get all the new features coming with the update, plus more. This update is not a paid download (DLC) but a free update for all FIFA 23 buyers. I tried the new update on my copy of FIFA 23 (PC), here is a quick overview of all the new features and available game modes.

what's new?

On PC, FIFA 23 is getting a new icon in the EA Play window with the World Cup on it. There is a dedicated tab in the game and after being entertained by the amazing Qatar 2022 World Cup logo images, you can jump right into the World Cup game mode.

EA also mentioned that many other additions, including new cutscenes, player head scans, contextual match commentary, new songs, and more, are part of the update. Enter the special World Cup mode and you will also see a new favorite team selection screen layout, where users can also read some facts about their chosen team, as well as a menu showing their best World Cup results over the years. exhibit.

Although I don't play Ultimate Team much, FIFA 23 also brings a lot of new changes to Ultimate Team, as well as a new World Cup update. These include temporary and permanent player cards that users can earn and add to their teams, as well as many other changes that will be valid throughout the tournament and beyond.

Live Mode lets you immerse yourself in real FIFA 23 tournaments this month starting November 20th. This mode follows the actual matches that take place during tournaments and will include three other game modes. With Featured Kick-Offs, users will be able to select any current or past World Cup match and play it in the current/real match with elements such as lineups taken directly from the real match.

You can enjoy this mode with AI or friends, and fast online play allows you to enjoy the mode with online friends. The "Your World Cup" mode will only launch after the start of the World Cup and will allow you to rewrite history with the team of your choice, as proposed by FIFA. I think this mode will become more popular once the game starts and more favorite teams will be destroyed.

Tournament mode will be familiar to seasoned FIFA players who have played World Cup matches on earlier games such as FIFA 18 or FIFA 14. It allows you to select a team and play through the entire tournament.

You can simulate games you don't want to play, and progress also depends on AI-controlled teams, 16 rounds, and other stages where other teams are eliminated as you progress. Players can also use this mode to set up custom tournaments that also feature inappropriate teams or to customize group stage lineups to their liking.

The Start mode is as simple as ever, allowing players to select two teams from the tournament and start playing right away. You can use Kick Off to play offline with friends, or just play against the AI ??on your chosen difficulty level.

Players can also play in the group stage, round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final, or World Cup final. Elements such as comments, and animation before and after the game will change accordingly.

Similar to the game's regular season mode, the online tournament mode allows you to play through a tree of tournaments by choosing a team and playing against random online players.

The update does add a lot of new game modes and features to FIFA 23, but there are still some bugs. On the PC version, you cannot save your game progress every time you exit the game, which means you will lose all tournament progress and have to close the game and start over. Other items such as camera settings, controller settings, and match settings are also reset.

There were also some minor errors, such as when a player scored and carried the ball to the halfway line to celebrate, the ball kept spinning instead of standing still. While this is not a problem and is more of a visual glitch, the game still needs to be fixed on PC.

This update is not a paid download (DLC) but a free update for all FIFA 23 Coins buy, and if you want to get your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team gold quickly, mmoexp can show you how to do it quickly.

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