​FIFA 23 Black Friday sales deals

The FIFA 23 Coins Black Friday event kicks off this week in Ultimate Team and has a new World Cup theme.

With the popular Black Friday sale taking place on Monday, November 25th, EA Sports will announce their FIFA 23 Black Friday theme with the final Team on the same day. The FUT Black Friday event has been part of the FIFA tournament since FIFA 15, with various promotional packs, flash SBCs, and 'team of the week' - teams made up of the best players - sold by EA Store since the release of FIFA 23. . . . in the TOTW cabinet.

We thought it would all be part of the FIFA 23 Black Friday sale, but the new loading platform, along with some social media leaks, suggest that it will update this year's revenue. The FUT loading platform shows that the Black Friday event will start on Monday, November 25, 2022, at 18:00 GMT at the latest.

So what can you expect from Black Friday events? Here's everything we know, including press releases and FIFA 23 Black Friday predictions.

The new FUT 23 loading dock confirms the opening date of the Black Friday event and delivers messages for the new FUT campaign "World Cup Road". Since the official announcement of FIFA 22 coincides with Black Friday, we think that it could be a new World Cup that will join the scene in FIFA 23. . . . .

Under the papers in the loading dock are two design cards - on the left is a new design, possibly a FIFA World Cup logo card, and on the right is a World Cup logo. We don't know what the FIFA World Cup map is for the players. This can be a live game updated throughout the World Cup, or if the player can, it can be updated as a Knockouts promotion. from the distribution stage.

The map design has been finalized by EA Sports, so we'll update this post as we learn more. Also, according to the leaker, some exciting packs will be released in cheap FIFA 23 Coins during the event, including the Centurion Pack which looks fun.

Other packs that will be released on release day include the Guaranteed FUT Heroes Pack and the World Cup Stars Pack. We don't know what the Centurion bag is, and some social media users are speculating that it could be 100 bags.

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