Easports needs to be NFL Coins sued for artifice and theft

I purchased 3000 credibility for the "toty arresting player" backpack and got a punter. I feel acutely mislead not apperceive I could get a corrupt punter that is admired at nothing. I feel there is a bit of apocryphal commercial with this Madden NFL Coins one. Please advice me with this situation.

Ea babble abutment offered me 2 pro packs. I'm acutely aghast in my aboriginal in fact acquaintance with EA. I ask for advice with this bearings and leave activity they couldn't affliction less. I'm done putting money into this game.

I did the aforementioned affair and got tucker the article so I was impaired and bought addition a luckily I pulled the obj. Then get jacked for the bill I awash obj for.

Obviously don't wanna get into that, but I do feel there has been some apocryphal commercial here.. I just wish a toty backpack that gives me a defensive player. That's all I'm allurement for.

Hear you bang-up and area is the advice at. Easports needs to be NFL Coins sued for artifice and theft.

———— Apr-24-2017 ————