​Disable certain outputs in your chat for a huge performance increase

If you use a default or similar chat box, you're probably experiencing significant FPS drop and even micro-stutters. Particularly engaged in combat.

I've recently conducted some tests and could gain nearly 40 FPS more speed and also eliminate micro-stutters, by altering the outputs of my chat box.

Simply right-click the main chat tab, where the name is and select Chat Tab Settings and remove the checkmarks Guide, Error Warnings My Loot Party Loot, Currency, XP and more. Then, apply.

If you later start a new tab you are able to add these items back, such as my Loot, Currency, etc. and then look over that tab as often as you'd like to.

The tab that contains all the outputs that have been removed from the "main" chat tab is only supposed to be visible while you're viewing it. When you're done then switch back to your "main" chat tab, which includes only chats.

In essence, so long as the tab you think has the highest production (because of things such as my Loot, XP, and Currency) isn't your principal tab that's always on your mind, then it won't cause issues with performance.

The only problem is when you have all or a majority of your outputs turned on in your chat tab which remains in focus.

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———— Aug-06-2022 ————