Diablo 4 players discover incredibly powerful unique Witcher weapons

One lucky Diablo 4 player has shared his unique magic weapon that can completely change the playstyle of a class regardless of build.

While not everyone is happy with Diablo IV Gold current item placement, the recent reveal of the Witcher's unique weapon has proven that the system is more than capable of generating exciting loot. Diablo 4 wizards are still recovering from the heavy nerfs they suffered during open beta testing, but thanks to changes made in Diablo 4's Season of Villains, Diablo Diversity's iconic wizard build is growing.

From Chain Lightning and Charged Arrows to the Firewall Sorcerer build in Diablo 4, players can finally enjoy more viable finishing options than relying on Ice Shards to deal significant damage. While the overreliance on defenses like Fire Shield, Frozen Nova, and Teleporter is still considered a problem, most players can't deny that Wizard is much better now than it was when it launched.

One of the items introduced in the first season of Diablo 4 was the Oculus, a unique wand that many fans initially teased when it was announced. It offers improvements to teleporting for wizards for free, but the downside of teleporting players to random locations has been criticized for ruining a solid concept. However, the Oculus, which c3rolling shared on the official Diablo 4 subreddit, has such a significant increase in teleport rating that you don't need to avoid it in the first place.

However, unless the mage is running a nightmare dungeon at a high level in cheap Diablo 4 Gold, he will rarely find himself in serious danger using a random Oculus dodge. With a +3 stealth cost and a +15 teleport level, this item turns the Diablo 4 mage experience into the Diablo 2 mage experience. Being able to spam at will with no cooldown and decent damage puts the Oculus in a special place. in the hearts of many Sorcerer players in Diablo 4.

The simple fact that prevents the Oculus from being a powerful unique item in Diablo 4 is that it favors utility over damage because it has no offensive stats of its own. Although Diablo 4's Season of Blood promises a number of tweaks to the game's set of items, it's likely that Oculus will leave the current version unchanged. As it stands, it's a niche weapon, but it's also a very effective option for players looking for non-standard Witcher gameplay.

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