​Cosmetics in Diablo 4

Diablo 3 included cosmetics like banners and wings. Many of which can be obtained through either purchasing an exclusive collector's edition of a snowball game, or by playing a certain number of games within HotS or other games, and some might even earn by completing things or doing activities in the game.

In China I've heard that they've established an in-app shop in which players could purchase cosmetics as Diablo 3 was incredibly popular in China.

This inspired me to consider alternative ways to monetize Diablo and how it could impact how the game plays and feels.

On one hand, additional monetization options help to finance the future DLCs and updates to the game. On the other hand, these ways of monetizing can obscure what ought to be unique ways to boost your game's achievements by providing cool-looking clothing and flares at a cost instead of finishing a tough grind.

I'm interested to know you think regarding this topic. Do you think that cosmetics ought to be purchased or earned? What is the less harmful option you'd pick?

The only thing that I truly desire is the transmutation of items that I've already earned from the game.

I'd rather pay to play a game than have a makeup shop. It could be something like an "battle pass" is an option that you pay $10, and you earn additional cosmetics, just like they get in Valorant.

I'm pretty sure they'll offer dyes in exchange for real money since they invest a lot of time in the customizing aspects.

As it is that they're selling lots of cool equipment that I can earn through playing, I'm not having a problem with some items going on sale.

However, based on the direction they're taking, it's likely we'll find some kind of shop.

I understand that businesses need to earn money from games that they update regularly with new features. If I'd like them adding new content, then they've had to pay to keep it running. One of the things that I am disappointed with with D3 was the fact that they have stopped adding new content when it was clear that the RMAAH was not going to function.

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