​Continuation of the new RuneScape mission scenario

Old School RuneScape introduces an all-new mission, Secrets of the North. This is a Grand Quest with new single-player bosses and powerful rewards.

Murders are being committed and there is no shortage of suspects. The Hazel Cult, the Hazard faction, and even the players themselves are involved. in Revealing the Truth Players must forge an unlikely alliance with Majarratpar to reveal the real killer and his motives.

The reward for this quest is an Ancient Potion upgrade. Old staff upgrades and new Venator bow for all archers. The fun doesn't end there. Boss encounters will repeat over and over for the treasure.

Secrets of the North begins with a legendary and famous 17-year-old searching for treasures in the desert Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire, due out later this year. Takes the player through four new environments. Each location has a deadly new boss, Vardorvis, Duke of Sucellus, Leviathan, and the mysterious Whisperer await brave adventurers to uncover the mysteries hidden in the Haidian Desert.

Grandmaster quests are the most difficult quests. Currently, there are only three in Old School RuneScape, they often indicate milestones or content updates. The main missions are just as difficult. that is important to the story there are currently 13 main missions in Old School RuneScape.

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