An exciting development for old-school RuneScape: expansion pack revealed

Old School RuneScape, the much-loved MMORPG, recently held its Summer Summit, making significant announcements that have left players eagerly anticipating the future of the game. During the event, two beloved limited events returned, a lock-in poll was introduced for the game's first-ever new skill, Sailing, and an expansive and captivating area called Varlamore was unveiled.

The highlight of the Summer Summit was the introduction of the lock-in poll for the highly anticipated Sailing skill. Following a meticulous refining process, Sailing is now ready for player feedback. If the poll receives enough support, the skill will enter full development and move closer to its beta phase. The Sailing skill update is expected to be monumental, featuring the largest expansion of the game's world to date. Players will have the opportunity to explore the vast open ocean, live out their seafaring dreams, and RuneScape Gold customize their ships with various facilities to enhance their Sailing skills. As players progress, they can even captain progressively larger vessels. The lock-in poll for Sailing is currently open for voting, allowing the community to actively participate in the development process.

The revival of the highly competitive variant, Deadman Apocalypse, is another thrilling event to look forward to. In this mode, players start from scratch and embark on a quest to eliminate other players, monsters, and acquire valuable loot while competing for exclusive rewards. The game introduces breaches, where formidable bosses can spawn, creating high-risk, high-reward scenarios. These breaches are anticipated to become hotspots for intense PvP activity.

Leagues 4: Trailblazer Reloaded, a popular event that tests players' skills and knowledge, will also make a comeback in Old School RuneScape. Leagues is a time-limited challenge where players start with no items or XP and venture across Gielinor with boosted XP and drop rates, along with a custom task list and powerful relics to unlock. The upcoming Leagues 4: Trailblazer Reloaded will showcase new tasks, relics, areas, and incorporate all the updates introduced to the game since the previous Trailblazer event in 2021. Players can anticipate exploring new areas like Tempoross, Tombs of Amascut, and the Desert Treasure II in the Desert Area. Leagues 4: Trailblazer Reloaded is set to launch later this year, offering an exciting and Buy OSRS Gold creative challenge to the community.

The Summer Summit also unveiled Varlamore, Old School RuneScape's next significant expansion. This isolated kingdom brings forth a plethora of fresh content, including new bosses, skilling activities, the introduction of the Hunting Guild, and new quests. Varlamore's vastness and depth are so extensive that the content will be released across multiple game updates. The first update is scheduled to arrive in early 2024 and will introduce two new quests, marking the beginning of an all-new storyline.

With the return of beloved events, the introduction of the Sailing skill, and the announcement of the content-rich Varlamore expansion, Old School RuneScape is undoubtedly captivating and exciting its players. The game continues to evolve, providing novel experiences that cater to both new and veteran players. As the community eagerly awaits the implementation of these updates, it is evident that Old School RuneScape remains a vibrant and thriving game that shows no signs of slowing down.For more exciting reports about Old School RuneScape, go to to learn more.

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