​This is a great opportunity to strategize against hordes of demons in Diablo 4

May 12th will be a busy day for all gamers as two of the biggest games of the year vying for players' attention. As of today, not only is "Diablo 4" opening its public beta but "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Nations" is also opening for sale, giving gamers one last chance to try it out before it goes on sale in June. With the official release of the highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, coinciding with the beta testing of the new Diablo IV Gold server, the weekend of May 12-14 could give players a glimpse of what's in store for 2023. Fighting Game of the Year.

While this isn't the first time fans have had to try Diablo 4 before launch, this is arguably the most important opportunity to dive into Sanctuary as it will give players a closer look at how the game will look at launch. Unfortunately, however, this coincided with the release of Nintendo's newest game in its iconic series, and judging by its announcement, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is probably the biggest game in the series. Whether players try either or both of these games, May 12th will generally be a big weekend for gamers.

This will be a daunting task for gamers planning to split their attention between the two games over the weekend of May 12, but it's no biggie for gamers interested in buy Diablo 4 Gold and The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom. simultaneously. For gamers who are interested in Tears of Tears, it is really worth it. Diablo 4 Server Slam is the last chance for players to earn Beta Test MMOexp rewards, including Initial Casualty and Early Voyager titles, Beta Wolfpack, and Mount Ashava decorations, exclusive to World Beat Server Slam players, with 20 Ashava bosses for Super Figures. Players can only get this item during this beta, so it's worth getting the most out of.

Also, Diablo 4 Server Slam is worth playing for players looking to upgrade to its pre-release version, as this beta better reflects the final version of the game. Blizzard announced that the legendary item drop rate has been lowered to its launch level, and based on the data received, they have rebalanced the five classes available in the previous beta. This means that Server Tournaments are a great opportunity for players to test potential builds and perfect their strategy against the hordes of Diablo 4 demons ahead of the game's official release.

As tempting as it may sound to beat Diablo 4's servers, keeping players off the Switch long enough to reach level 20 can be tricky. Since this is only a beta version of the game, Zelda: Tears of Kingdoms is available as a full game for players looking to delve into the world of Hyrule. Given how vast the world of Tear of the Kingdom is, some players might have a hard time splitting their time between Sanctuary and Hyrule.

It's rare for two of the year's biggest games to face each other on the same day, with one yet to even be released, with Diablo 4 Server Slam taking place over the weekend of May 12-14. But players may want to join a login queue while playing on the Switch to manage their time efficiently. With two potential Game of the Year contenders facing off on the same weekend, May 12 could be one of the most important dates in the gaming industry in 2023.

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