Play as assload of games in mmonfl

To buy coins, you charge to put up a card. So let's say you quick advertise all your chargeless players and buy one brownish agenda annual 200 coins. You annual him for 1 actor bill and some bread agent buys it. Now, to buy 1 actor coins.. you charge to accept 1 actor bill annual of players. So what is the point of affairs them?

Putting a amount cap on players. This agency that bad players can't go for accomplished there value. So humans can't get bill like that. The alone way is to buy an annual with bill on it. Which i anticipate is in fact a bigger way because it's not adjoin TOS.

You can't anymore. That's the point. Now in adjustment to get 6 actor you either accept to backpack him or play as assload of games. like 27 canicule annual of FUT games. just for one player.

Coin glitching, basically bots can play hundreds of amateur a day and abdicate anon but the servers calculation it as a win for them. Imagine if it played 1000 amateur a day times 500 coins. That's 500000 bill per day.

Well, how was is accessible then? Seems ridiculously low if the accolade for one bout is beneath 1k. Just because of all the bots, hell, that's some affectionate of awe-inspiring aggrandizement just from the outside.

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