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Awesome, no problem! Yeah in MUT thy absolution about 12 new cards a week, added during the season, so by itself the bazaar goes down for lower all-embracing cards. I'm animated I could help, one day I'll buy FIFA and then I'll ask you for tips lol.

Really, all that affairs for Kickers and Punters is Kick Power. Once you become acceptable at kicking, which is absolutely simple aural itself, the backbone is all that matters. I wouldn't absorb that abundant on them, I've had the aforementioned K and P back the alpha of the game. Jordan Gay and Tress Way.

Sounds good. Yeah I accept been bond the money around. Here is what my aggregation currently looks like. I accept been accomplishing able-bodied with the SP, and I am barbarous at active for some reason. I won basically anybody on open bids, but it took hours of abandoned arena and behest hah.

But generally, QB is the a lot of important man on the field. You can't win after acceptable QB, CB's, or LB's in my opinion. I'm acceptable at breach so I absorb 75% of my bill on defense. On breach I acquisition success with running so I can accept gold receivers and QB but aristocratic RB, FB, etc. If you accept any added questions HMU.

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