Mastering the Early Game in Elden Ring: A Starting Guide

With the realm of Elden Ring expanding and the anticipation for the DLC rising, it's crucial to embark on your journey equipped with the knowledge to navigate the treacherous lands effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we'll embark on a step-by-step route to activate vital grace sites, initiate essential NPC questlines, discover shortcuts, obtain powerful weapons and items, and prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead—all within the first 30 minutes of gameplay.

Activating Vital Grace Sites:

Our journey begins by activating crucial grace sites scattered across the lands. These sites serve as essential checkpoints and hubs for various activities.

   • Kickstarting Important Questlines: Our first stop is a vital grace site that kickstarts one of the most crucial questlines in the Elden Ring. This questline not only aids in obtaining powerful weapons but also sets the stage for significant developments in the story.

   • Meeting Key NPCs: Along the way, we'll encounter key NPCs who offer invaluable assistance. From unlocking spirit summons to acquiring essential Elden Ring items, interacting with these characters is pivotal to our success.

Uncovering Hidden Treasures:

As we traverse the landscape, we'll uncover hidden treasures and secrets that will aid us on our journey.

   • Talisman Ash of War: Among the treasures we'll discover are powerful talisman ashes, such as the Ash of War that removes skill restrictions from shields, granting us greater flexibility in combat.

   • Shortcut to Riches: By exploiting clever shortcuts and defeating formidable foes, we'll amass a wealth of resources, including Elden Ring runes essential for character progression.

Powering Up:

Armed with newfound knowledge and resources, we'll focus on empowering ourselves for the challenges ahead.

   • Obtaining Powerful Weapons: We'll secure powerful early-game weapons that will serve as our trusty companions throughout our adventures. Additionally, we'll locate NPCs capable of upgrading these weapons to their full potential.

   • Harnessing Elemental Power: We'll delve into the mysteries of elemental magic, acquiring items like the Blood Incantation, which imbues our weapons with fiery and bleeding properties, enhancing our combat prowess.

Conquering Challenges:

With our preparations complete, we'll face formidable adversaries and overcome daunting obstacles.

   • Boss Cheesing Strategies: Employing clever tactics, such as luring bosses to their demise, we'll reap rich rewards in the form of runes and other valuable loot.

   • Mastering Combat: Armed with upgraded weapons and newfound abilities, we'll tackle enemies with confidence, utilizing dodges, blocks, and strategic attacks to emerge victorious.


As we conclude our journey through the early game of Elden Ring, it's evident that meticulous planning and strategic decision-making are key to success in this unforgiving world. By following this comprehensive guide, new players can kickstart their adventure on the right foot, while seasoned veterans can uncover hidden treasures and secrets they may have overlooked. So, prepare your weapons, steel your resolve, and embark on a quest worthy of a true Tarnished. May the grace of the Elden Ring illuminate your path to victory!

———— Apr-17-2024 ————