GREAT to alpha to the NFL weekend! -

Varkey, is your NFL almanac cogitating of your two teasers? How did you lose one, unless I'm abominably missing something?

Browns abide to appearance how affecting they are! Didn't anticipate they'd get spanked like this by a Rookie QB, but I accord mad backdrop to Wentz. Man seems mature, seems like he wants to be labeled as a winner, and wants to abide to plan harder & do business in Philly. SMART CHOICE!!!

I kept cerebration I had the abuse Browns instead of the Bucs. I did initially accept the Browns (in the 1st leg of my teaser), and again got afraid off and took the Bucs instead back i was added assured in TB. Regardless, GREAT to alpha to the NFL weekend!

I'm in fact blessed i backward up for this yawner! I capital to see the halftime band (before possibly traveling to bed), and i accepted a absolute of 17.5. There was way too abundant amount on this beneath for me to canyon up.....and yes assumption what....i played an UNDER! Lol. The Rams are absolutely absolutely BAD! St. Louis association should be blessed they larboard town. On that note, goodnight folks....

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———— Feb-23-2017 ————